Meet Your Host


Kitty Nichols

In Hawaii, our greeting to friends is, ‘Aloha! E komo mai’; Hello! Come in! So, to all who want to know the natural, quiet beauty of Hawaii, I say: ‘Welcome! Come in, relax, and enjoy my little gem in paradise”.         

Like any polished jewel, Open Palms Plantation began as a raw, rugged part of nature, overgrown yes, but in a spectacular setting. There was beauty hidden in that wilderness and I was determined to create what I envisioned as a lovely home in harmony with its surroundings. Achieving a vision that had me spellbound didn’t come easy, taking years of hard work that I and my family actually performed with our own hands.. and aching backs. And the result is a breathtaking two and a half acres of unpretentious, stunning contentment!

My kids have grown up and moved on into the world allowing me to open my home to those who are seeking a more pure part in Hawaii. The same dedication and love of the land that caused me to build Open Palms is still with me, and when you visit, you’ll see me on my mower, or in the flower gardens with my weeder, or trimming the lush foliage that borders our property. There are horses in our paddock that kids can pet and feed and barbeque grills stand ready for your outdoor parties.       

  Bonfires at twilight emphasize the romanticism that is Hawaii, giving us pause, to reflect on how fortunate we are. Open Palms Plantation is unique in that we are insulated from the noise and commotion of towns. There is a serenity and calmness enveloping us and yet we’re only minutes from Kailua with it’s shopping malls, restaurants and food courts, and entertainment venues. And the beaches from Kailua to Lanikai to Waimanalo are among the finest-rated beaches in the world! Sail, surf, snorkel, or simply stretch out on the white sands and stop the world for awhile (don’t forget the sunscreen). Because there are so many things to see and enjoy, I provide each guest with maps and lists of places of interest, making it easier for planning their days’ outings. When they return I love hearing the joy and amazement in their voices as they tell me of their adventures.         

Situated in the foothills of the Koolau Mountain range – the only mountain range of its kind in all of Hawaii – we are afforded a spectacular view of the sheer, corrugated gorges that accentuate the range. You can’t believe how inspiring it is, following a rain, to see these gorges serving as conduits for magnificent waterfalls. A flock of white doves live in the trees on the property and are tame enough to hand feed, something the kids just love. We also have a gorgeous peacock in the neighborhood who has made it his practice to come visiting every afternoon for his supper.          

My determination is to continue sharing this beauty with people from around the globe who will feel the same appreciation of Open Palms that I have. I am humbled that so many guests have taken the time to send me cards and letters – even photos of their families – with expressions of gratitude and appreciation. Also, many return year after year, and have sent their friends and family to share in the same happiness. It is my hope that we meet, and through that meeting we also become true friends.        

So… Aloha, Welcom, Come in, Relax. – No worries”. You’re in Open Palms Plantation. 


Kitty Nichols, Proprietress   



Cuddler-extraordinaire and Kitty's right hand man, Hunter takes is guard dog duties very seriously. His favorite tactic being barking from the laying position  without lifting his head. Very affectionate and loving, but please don't hesitate to let us know if you would prefer we kept him away from your space.